Nick Clegg, BSc (Hons)

Composer, Producer, Sound Engineer

Nick is a composer, producer and sound engineer. He graduated from the School of Sound Recording (Manchester) and gained his Bachelor of Science degree at University of Salford’s prestigious Sound and Video Technology program. While in the UK, Nick studied under such notable producer/engineers as Steve Boyce Buckley(Lisa Stansfield) and Alan Wrench(Ministry of Sound). His major included extensive training in sound design, audio engineering, spatial audio, and advanced audio production (TV, web, and creative media).

Nick has performed with a wide range of musicians, including playing keyboards on tour for The Commitments

from 2007 – 2011. After moving to Tokyo in 2013, he has composed and mixed for a number of commercial projects, including: Nissan (composition)

Yamaha (composition), Panasonic (mix), Amphion (composition mix), Road to the Sky [film] (mix), Nathan East (keyboards), TEDx Tokyo (live sound mix)

In 2017, Nick established Sound Factory Tokyo to offer his services to his growing roster of clients.


Terri MacMillan

Lyricist, Assistant Producer

Terri has been in love with words and music all her life. After graduating H.S. of Music & Art, she attended Fordham University as an English major, delving deep into the poetry and prose of formative creative periods such as the Harlem Renaissance. A stint as GM for Prince’s Paisley Park Music gave her a knack for administering the business side of words and music. After developing a fascination with Japan’s underground music scene, she teamed up with one of her dearest friends to bring stellar Shibuya-kei band Pizzicato Five to North America and Europe. Along the way, she co-wrote and consulted on English versions of their hits, including ‘Twiggy Twiggy’ and ‘Baby Love Child’.

Terri has ghostwritten and consulted on lyrics for a number of Japanese artists, and continues to write for her own artist project, Antaidian, and her compadre’s band Sabolitai.

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